Thursday, August 24, 2006

Clarity Is

Perspective is clarities verb! The ability to see the world in layers or levels of perspective is a must have Leadership capability.

To communicate clearly across these levels is the secret ingredient to Being Clear. Split any idea you have into three layers: Concept, Content and Context.

  • Get clear on the point of your message. We call this “concept”. You should be able to summarise your message as a sentence.
  • Gather examples, facts, stories and other detail elements to support or explain your point. We call this “content”
  • Try to represent the message broadly so it is non specific and can relate to as many people as possible. We call this “context”. It is the big picture representation of your message. Often this is a diagram, a model, a metaphor, a fable or applicable quote.
  • Constantly review your message in the content area. It is the content that changes not the concept or the context. If you have clearly thought out “concepts” and can represent them in any “context, then all you need to worry about is what “content” you can use to create a connection with your audience.

Once you see the world in these three layers every problem, every message and every idea is easily understood and clarity is achieved. To be clear shift your perspective.