Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Clarity follows activity

Clarity follow’s activity!

Waiting for clarity when needing to make a choice is often the worst thing you can do. I call this ‘clarity paralyses’, a type of procrastination that hides itself in the virtuous pursuit of perspective.

Imagine you come to a fork in a T intersection and find yourself uncertain which direction to take left or right. One is clearly the right choice and one will take you in the absolute opposite direction. Assuming you don’t have a map and can’t ask for directions what should you do? Well among the many choices you have…

  • You could wait and think about it a while
  • You could turn back
  • You could make a decision, take some action and suffer the consequences

I vote for number 3! If it turns out that the left turn was the wrong direction, it wont take too long for you to realise your error and then correct it. One thing is certain though as you continue you drive down the wrong road, you will get increasingly clear about the fault in your choice. The end result is CLARITY! The exact thing you were waiting for. Even bad choices provide you with clarity, be sure not to mix perfection with clarity.

Next time you’re stuck wondering what the right choice is, choose! Then you’ll know.