Monday, April 30, 2007

Why don't we act on the easy ideas that sit in front of us?


  1. Great newsletter. Definitely sums up how much time I've been wasting thinking afar. Not anymore. Thanks Matt

  2. I think the reason for me not to act would be if I feel uncomfortable about the idea. I think the theoretical explanation is that you find it hard to undertake any activity that does not fit with your image of yourself. For example, hosting a group (being larger than life, keeping them interested and entertained) is a different type of activity from working with an individual one-on-one (a quiet, serious activity). I am not saying this is an acceptable excuse - it's just my explanation of my own behaviour!

  3. Hi Matt,
    Your newesletter came at the right time for me. I have been looking at expanding my website design and writing business, so the idea of looking at my own neighbourhood really hit home.
    Also, on great ideas, I will be working on expanding what I am doing by adding to my existing products rather than coming up with something completely new.
    I always read your newsletters and gain much from them.

  4. Why do we chase business afar? well it can be due to chasing a bigger account- the reality is that some work may be easier to locate close by and its small volume, but the National head office may be interstate!

    and when it comes to ideas the same can be said relative to a concept- some concepts working interstate or OS may be good to grab, develop or redefine. make it work and then implement close to home!

  5. great "distraction" - your regular note is Matt.

    good to get an email that makes one think outside the norm!

    and YES- sometimes the easiest conquest can be right in front of us BUT we chase the big kill insteasd- why do we do that?

  6. Thanks for this food for thought Matt.