Monday, May 14, 2007

Do the Work!

You are ultimately responsible for your success. The world is set up that way, so you get to experience all the joys of the journey. Hiring a coach or a mentor does not negate the YOU part of the process.

Your success is in your hands. It’s all up to you. Your life your responsibility.


  1. You know what? The thing about making a list of 50 people to speak to? I love it. Most days I sit there thinking who should I talk to.... This is just so obvious - I bet my days will change. As a real estate specialist, you have given me loads to do - but like the coach, you cant do it for me. Thank you Matt, for yet another awesome newsletter - I love them.

    Cheers, Jacque Opie
    Real Estate Specialist
    0405 835 017

  2. As always Matt, your newsletter is a "call to arms"!

    Dont sit in the traffic waiting for the road ahead to clear...forge a new direction and steer a new destiny

    keep the newsletters coming, they are a great online coach and motivator