Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Free Up Your Mind

Personally, we can all spend less time thinking about the same things again and again. As regularly as you can; free up your mind by writing things down, communicating to others and develop reminder systems.

It's time to work on what’s important, not what’s urgent. Don't you agree?

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  1. Matt, I agree with your proposition most of us do put what energy we have into what's urgent (instead of what's important). For me, what's missing is real leadership (both organisationally and personally) and courage (to do what we know is right instead of acceding to the wishes of weak leadership). Apart from the actions we can take as individuals, we must also act as a community and place far greater emphasis on developing real leaders across all elements of our community instead of simplistically measuring management outcomes (like increased profits and decreased costs). As a community, we get what we pay for. Imagine the debates we could have around climate change AND economic sustainability if we had real leaders prepared to be political leaders, as a topical example ?