Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why Thought Leaders work themselves into their business - not out of it!

Hi there,

The E-myth by Michael Gerber is a great book. In essence, it explains how a business owner needs to be obsessed with removing their fingerprint from the business.

Otherwise, Mikes plumbing will always be depended on Mike & Julies Bookkeeping services will always be dependent on Julie.

I love the ideas in this book yet also know of a place where they don’t exactly apply.

That is, in the area of Thought Leadership. I doubt very few bookkeepers; plumbers or widget makers are passionate about pipes, accounts or widgets. But as a Thought Leader, you ARE into your expertise.

Indeed to be a great Thought Leader, you should be obsessed about your expertise. It may be growing a small business; it may be about selling via relationships; or possibly it’s about creating wisdom in the workplace. Whatever your expertise is, you should actually look for ways to put more of you into the business - not less.

Here are four ways you can put more of you into the business.

1. Register a domain name that is your personal name

2. Create a newsletter that is from you personally

3. Speak at your own events. Don’t outsource this to someone else

4. Make sure your name is managed like a brand

Here are three ways you can get out of the way.

1. Hire a PA

2. Make your job the job of ‘ Make up” and have other people do the SET UP and CLEAN UP activities

3. Invest in mentoring from others so you can accelerate your learning curves

You should still create systems and processes (the key idea in the E-myth) but these should be not so you can ‘sell out’ of the business, but rather so you can ‘buy more in’ to the parts of the business that fill you up.

Keep thinking.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Smartest Thing We Can Do!

I think the smartest thing we can do, is get clear on what we do best and do that.

If you are best at building relationships in person, then set up your life so that you do more of that and less of the things that take you away from that.

If you are best at walking through the details of a project - line by line, then set up your life so you get to do more of that, and less of the things that take you away from this strength.

The simple idea is to focus on your strengths. So why don’t we do this more?

Here are three possible reasons:

1. We don’t think we are gifted in anything
2. We think we are gifted in everything.
3. We don’t allow others to help us fill the gaps

I will give the first two a few lines and then get on with the major one.

Problem 1: We don’t think we are gifted in anything.
ANSWER: Get over it!

Problem 2: We think we are gifted in everything.
ANSWER: Get over your self!

Problem 3 is where most people fail to work in their strengths. Assuming you don’t suffer from the first two, then you need to accept that for you to achieve anything, you will have to learn to rely on others to get things done. This is hard, because you believe either or all of the below;

*They don’t do it well
*You don’t trust them
*They don’t do what they say they will
*They don’t seem to get what you are saying

Fix all of these and others by identifying their unique intelligence and building teams that tap into those talents.

So why do you think we don't focus on our strengths?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You are Smarter, Faster, Stronger & Better than you think

Hi there!

A friend of mine shared recently a story about a moment when he was child and was feeling very proud of himself. He ran out of an exam to share with his mother how great he felt about the work he’d just done. His mother quickly told him to tone it down and explained that it was wrong to think so well of yourself.

Can you remember a similar situation where you had thought you’d done a great job, only to have your sails trimmed by someone you looked to for affirmation?

Whatever your story is, it’s probably continuing today and needs to stop. You can’t doubt your talent. You are magnificent, remarkable and need to return to loving who you are and what you do.

Sure, sometimes you will behave less brilliantly than you like – but your perception of yourself shouldn’t reflect these time, but how great you actually are.


1. Discover your uniqueness and work in it

2. Become less reliant on the good opinion of others

3. Get clearer about what your purpose is, and remind yourself of this often

You are amazing! Believe it and be it.

Do you agree?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Get Into It!

How are you feeling right now?

Are you a bit overwhelmed, stressed, bothered and torn?

If so, the answer is OLD news.

I was sitting with a fabulous executive coach, Barbara Wilby, who helps groom CEO’s for top 100 companies (seriously high end!). She was explaining to me a 5 stage model she has designed around getting ready to be a CEO. The first step was to connect to your inspired purpose.

As she was speaking, I was reminded of Rick Warrens international best seller, The Purpose Driven Life, which helps you understand why you are alive and God’s amazing plan for you. Rick is a Christian Pastor, and if you're aware of this beforehand, you can extract the great messages regardless of your faith or view.

Here’s what I know…

If you don’t have a reason to get up each day and make a difference in your life, then it will always be a drag.

So come on. Lets get into it!

5 ideas that might help:

1. Create a big ambition (mine is WORLD PEACE)
2. Decide how you are going to contribute to that vision (mine incorporates the peaceful transformation of the world through the exchange of well crafted ideas, from financially independent thinkers).
3. Create your manifesto
4. Declare this purpose in every way you can. Stick it to your dashboard, your fridge, your bathroom mirror or wherever.
5. When you are next lacking drive, connect back to this purpose and get on with creating it.

It’s your life, so get into it!

Saturday, June 2, 2007


You are a genius! No really you are…maybe no one has ever said that to you before? But in my world you really are. The problem though is in how we define what a genius looks like. For years a genius has been defined as someone with a high IQ.

In recent years through the success of books like Daniel Goleman’s EQ (emotions and communication) the definition has broadened.

A Thought Leader and friend of mine Jasbindar Singh in New Zealand, has just released a book titled ‘Get Your Groove Back’ which defines your SQ (spiritual intelligence) around purpose and meaning. And Daniel Goleman has just released another book titled ‘Social Intelligence’. Too many Q’s!

So let me add one more, the one to end all Q’s; how about your GQ (Unique Genius)? I believe that each of us has learned through our stuff ups and experiences how to be a genius in something. It may not be something immediately recognisable as genius but it really is.

I spent some time educating inmates in Parramatta and Long Bay Prisons and I remember thinking how bright some of the inmates were. One of them had this ability to create stories and lies like no one else. The point is that Stephen King or other great Fiction writers do exactly this only they have channelled this ability into something productive and meaningful.

To discover your genius look at your faults. A friend of mine is brilliant her attention to detail is mind blowing, she can sense an error in a financial spreadsheet from 100 yards. She can’t initially tell you why she only knows that her gut is right. She will then pore through the detail line by line until she has gathered evidence to back up this instinct. She is Forensically Intelligent.

Another friend of mine has a highly tuned sense of intuition. She makes decisions really well when she listens to that quiet nagging voice. Every time she ignores it she lives to regret it.

Remember the three steps to discovering your genius…

Your genius lies not in what you are perfect at but in what you get wrong. To discover your genius you need to admit you have a recurring problem.

Step 1: Identify your greatest weakness

What do you get wrong? What is a recurring theme in your life? What challenges do you keep butting your head up against? In relationship with others what do they say you need to work on? It is important that you try to see this quality as a negative even if you don't normally. For example I may be too ‘direct' and actually see this as a good thing. Which it may very well be but for the sake of this exercise try to define it as a negative.

Step 2: Anchor the opposite of this weakness

Ask yourself what is the opposite of Step 1's answer? Often others tell you, "do this" or "become this" or "you need to develop more of this". For me everyone says you need to be more accepting. We are going to ignore this quality and simply note it for reference so we don't get lured into the ‘work on your weaknesses' line. To be in your genius you need to live in your strengths!

Step 3: Flip the negative and make it a positive

So take the answer to Step 1 and now spin it into a good thing.
If the Negative is - Then the Positive is:

  • I tend to over commit - I am passionate about what I do
  • I am judgemental - I am discerning
  • Too direct - Productively honest
  • Stubborn - Not easily swayed from my convictions

Friday, June 1, 2007

Be the Energetic Leader in Your Life!

Forgive me as I go a bit ethereal in this issue.

Well it might seem that way when I address the idea of how we affect the energy of our life. However, I can’t think of a more practical subject than energy management.

Think about it; when your energy is up, you do a whole heap of things better:

* You sell better

* You work better

* You communicate better

* You think better

* You solve problems better (excuse grammar)

So, I’m sure it’s not a big stretch when I suggest that the same is true for everyone who works around you. When you choose to be a LEADER in your life, you have to choose your energy at any given moment. You have to be responsible for the choices you make on how you behave.

So no more ‘Boo Hoo’s’ or self pity parades. No more, ‘can’t someone else make the tough decisions?’

YOU are the energetic leader in your life.

If someone’s behaviour is not what you want, then change it by changing yours.

Here is a 5 step process that you may find helpful.

Before you begin, decide on the energy YOU want, then…

1. Tune into the energy of the people around you

2. Make no assumptions about that energy, but rather use the awareness to ask questions

3. Identify the blocks to the flow of energy

4. Clear those blocks with open and honest communication

5. Decide on the direction you would like the energy to take

If you are experiencing behaviours you don’t like, then choose again. You can set the tone of your life through your energetic leadership.

So what do you think? Do you agree that you’re in control of the behavioural energy around you?