Friday, July 13, 2007

Manage Your Energy

We all have the same time each day, yet some seem to get more done with their time. Managing time is one thing, however managing energy, will take your life to a whole new level.

Here are five keys to having more energy.

1. Stop doing something. Knowing what to delete from your day rather than add into your day, is more important now than it’s ever been.
2. Eat more food that feels alive. It should be colourful and as close to its natural form as possible.
3. Spend a little to make more. Walk, swim, run. MOVE more and you will have more energy.
4. Don’t waste it. Stop stressing. Don’t buy into someone else’s urgency. Breath and stop before you respond to anything.
5. Harness the energy of other people. Learn how to let go and delegate.

Energy is a major currency, so take the time to become vigilant to the use and loss of it.

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