Monday, July 2, 2007

More from Less

Leverage is an obsession! Well at least it should be! In every activity there is the chance to make more from less. Leverage is such an on trend concept. Three specific indications for this are:

Indicator 1: The inherent truth that we can’t keep depleting natural resources without an eye for how to make more from less.

Indicator 2: The fact that so many people complain of not having enough time to get everything they need to do done.

Indicator 3: The social move from an information age where data was respected (IT was the career to choose now it’s being outsourced) to a world where creative use of data and interpretation is the new currency – let’s call it the AGE of transformation.

Each of these indicators when viewed collectively point to a need for three new skills:

  • The skill of making more out of less
  • The skill of creating meaning from detail
  • The skill of managing growth and change

But it’s the first that creates the space and time for the others to be developed. We have to get more done in less time and we need to do so with less physical resources. This is a great thing and not something to be feared. It’s great because it moves the focus of wealth creation from depletion and scarcity to abundance and creativity. If you want to future proof yourself then obsess about how to get more done in less time – LEVERAGE!

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