Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An Amazing Journey

I am about to fly, drive, fly, boat and chopper my way through 3 days on the road.

I will be spend 2 nights away on this trip – which is the maximum number of nights I will spend away from my family; a personal limit that I have set. It’s a rule I break only occasionally for OS trips.

I am constantly amazed at how blaze I can get about the profound privilege it is to do what you love, for people who appreciate it, in a place that inspires you.

Sure I’ll miss the kids. They are always with me, and in a way I hope to inspire them with stories of whales spotted, new friends met, old friends reconnected.

Two things come to mind in anticipation:

  1. I wish I had taken more photos or short movie clips
  2. I need to stay present to the gift being a Thought Leader is, and..

NEVER forget. We are all so very lucky.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mind Game

Your mind can play games with you. It tricks you into thinking all kinds of things that just aren’t true. So I think its time to return the favour!

I thought I would propose my three favourite mind games; three ways you can trick your mind and create what is not actually here yet.

  1. Act as if! Play a huge game of make believe. E.g. Try spending the day as if you had unlimited cash. Save up and instead of taking a holiday try just spending the cost of the holiday in one day. What did you learn about money?

  2. Reverse Eulogy. Write your own eulogy. Start at the day of your death. Write a short obituary about yourself and then work back chronologically through your life, imagining the speeches from your loved ones and business associates. What do you want them to be saying about you?

  3. Imagine. Imagine you had perfect health for one year. How would you spend that year? What would you do and what would you stop doing?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ask and you shall receive!

I have had an amazing 30 days. The opportunities that have appeared are overwhelming in their generosity and more importantly, the commitments of time and energy from others is phenomenal.

I was being mentored the other day by Michael Henderson around culture and values. He asked me a question around the value of learning that became a wish for me. He asked “What do you need to learn before you die?”

At first this seemed like an innocent enough question. And then, as I answered the question in my mind over a week, several key responses popped up. One was “I want to learn how to live loving partnerships”

On every level I have begun to see more of this in my life.

Try this game. Imagine you discover the Genie in a bottle, an Aladdin’s lamp. You pop the cork and are told you have 3 wishes. WHAT are your three wishes?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Thought Leaders 2.0 | An open letter from Matt Church

Please post your comments regarding Thought Leaders 2.0 below.

Thank you.

Monday, November 5, 2007

No Limits

There are really no limits to your thinking. If you can entertain that there is someone, somewhere, who has a job like you, then you can entertain that there is more you can expect from each day.

The saying that a job expands to the time you allow for it, is so true. Try halving the available time allocated for your next meeting. Perhaps give yourself 10 minutes to do what would normally take one hour.

I am not suggesting you drop the quality, but rather increase the compression.

Try it for a day and see how much you get done.

If you doubt the effectiveness of this, just remember how much work you get done in the week before you go on holidays. Ask yourself what would happen if you approached every day this way.

You can expect more out of every minute.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Habits

There are lots of things we can do to be more happy, more often. Three habits I try to develop in myself and encourage in others are:

  • To realise that optimism is essential
  • To take responsibility for more of what is happening in my life
  • To develop the habit of gratitude


I find it helpful to distinguish between being positive and being optimistic. While I try to remain positive, I find optimism more helpful. Optimism is the belief that at the end of a bad day I can still see a bright future. A belief that if I sleep on it, bad things can be addressed. My test for optimism is in the form of a question:
"Do you believe tomorrow could be as good if not better than today?" If the answer is, “no every day is bad and getting worse”, then you need to work on your optimism.


This is a tough one. For me, responsibility is accepting that we choose the whole of our own reality. That what happens around us is by our invitation. This is not about right and wrong, this is not about accuracy, it’s simply about Power. I choose to take responsibility for as much as possible around me so that I stay at choice and in control. A person’s degree of happiness is directly proportional to their degree of control. The test for this is another question: "Do you realize that you are responsible for everything good and bad in your life to date?" If the answer is “no you should see who I have been married to for 20 years”, then you need to work on responsibility. If you’re still blaming your parents then its time to build a bridge and get over it.


Giving thanks for what is working causes you to dwell on the good in your life and not the bad. This, for me, is the big kahuna of happiness. Develop the habit of being grateful. Growing up, my family didn't encourage the habit of gratitude and so I am a late learner to the idea. So now I may I have to work a bit harder at it then than some one else. The test for me is in the form of a challenge.

Here it is:

Send out 5 thank you cards today and every working day this week. On the weekends practice saying thank you to members of your family several times a day. The key for those who are reluctant to do the latter is to thank specifically. Thank your child for picking up their toy. Thank your partner for always being there to listen as you download your week. Make gratitude your daily habit.

Habits take time and are the result of constant application. Focus on being more happy, more often and guess what? You will be.