Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An Amazing Journey

I am about to fly, drive, fly, boat and chopper my way through 3 days on the road.

I will be spend 2 nights away on this trip – which is the maximum number of nights I will spend away from my family; a personal limit that I have set. It’s a rule I break only occasionally for OS trips.

I am constantly amazed at how blaze I can get about the profound privilege it is to do what you love, for people who appreciate it, in a place that inspires you.

Sure I’ll miss the kids. They are always with me, and in a way I hope to inspire them with stories of whales spotted, new friends met, old friends reconnected.

Two things come to mind in anticipation:

  1. I wish I had taken more photos or short movie clips
  2. I need to stay present to the gift being a Thought Leader is, and..

NEVER forget. We are all so very lucky.

1 comment:

  1. Children are the grounding for the perapatetic businessman. whilst the partner at home is the glue that holds the family together, its the children that keeps one returning.

    i agree with your mental limit to travel, i am away almost every week and limit the overnights to 2 only.
    the gloss of travel soom wears thin when you travel alone, sit in restaurants by yourself and your measure of a good flight is if Qantas serve you a second drink!

    now lets get back to the most important things, family at home