Monday, November 19, 2007

Mind Game

Your mind can play games with you. It tricks you into thinking all kinds of things that just aren’t true. So I think its time to return the favour!

I thought I would propose my three favourite mind games; three ways you can trick your mind and create what is not actually here yet.

  1. Act as if! Play a huge game of make believe. E.g. Try spending the day as if you had unlimited cash. Save up and instead of taking a holiday try just spending the cost of the holiday in one day. What did you learn about money?

  2. Reverse Eulogy. Write your own eulogy. Start at the day of your death. Write a short obituary about yourself and then work back chronologically through your life, imagining the speeches from your loved ones and business associates. What do you want them to be saying about you?

  3. Imagine. Imagine you had perfect health for one year. How would you spend that year? What would you do and what would you stop doing?

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