Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Two ways to ensure you are unhappy

There are two sure fire ways to be unhappy; the first is to live with constant comparison and the second is to create unrealistic expectations of your life.

  1. Comparisons
  2. Expectations

So, take care when comparing your life to others. Equally, take care creating expectations around what life will provide you.

All good advice right?

Well, I have struggled with these concepts when seen through the filter of achievement. How can you progress yourself or a team without expectations or comparisons?

Examples of EXPECTATIONS at work:

A personal best, a development plan, a performance review, a 360 degree feedback survey, an ambitious goal, the list goes on…..

Examples of COMPARISONS at work:

Mentoring, role modelling, benchmarking, KPI'S, targets and budgets.

Does this all mean we are doomed to be unhappy at work? Work seems to be full of expectations and comparisons. What do you think?

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