Friday, February 15, 2008

The Experts Dilema

For some reason lately we have been seeing more new Thought Leaders who work in the personal development field. I don’t read anything into this. It is probably just coincidence. It has however outlined a major issue that all Thought Leaders face. We call it the ‘Experts dilemma’.

Ask an expert on clocks “What’s the time?” and they will give you an essay on the history of the clock. Why? They love clocks and they feel that to truly understand time you need to appreciate how time is calculated, calibrated and orchestrated. The thing is, the person who asked the question, just wanted to know the time. Maybe once that need is taken care of they too will fall in love with the clock too. In the meantime don’t bore then to death with HOW just let them know the outcome.

This dilemma is compounded when experts start to argue that their way is better than the way of others. Once again the client doesn’t care.

  • If you have to educate me to sell me you have a flawed sales and marketing model.
  • If you need to experience it first to buy it then you have flawed sales and marketing model.
  • If clients who have bought it already can’t sell it then you have a flawed sales and marketing model.

So what can you do…

Stop giving away the value by educating in the sales process. Create diagnostic questions that allow people to realise the benefits of fixing what you fix. Then stand with confidence and say “I can help with that if you would like?”. When they say “yes” have a simple value proposition and instant proposal ready.

Stop selling the HOW and start selling the WHAT you can do for me.

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