Saturday, February 2, 2008

Years ago I sat in a room with a lot of information experts. We were in awe of the presenters ability to build a business from a set of index cards. His idea was that you would keep a persons name and contact details on a 6x4 index card and track how often you contacted them. He also used the index card to record personal details such the name of their first born child and star sign.

I met with this presenter again just the other week and we reminisced about the good old days when you had to manually track names. He reminded me again of the three secrets to a good list.

Today we have customer relationship management software such as ACT, or on-line database management like to do roughly the same thing but the secret remains the same.

Secret 1: Contact your contacts often

Secret 2: Know something about your contacts

Secret 3: Create value in the exchange

The card system works. The customer relationship management software works. Just using your email address book to start building a list works.

So list who you know and start sharing value.

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