Monday, June 30, 2008

How to be the worlds best speaker.

This week’s posting is the last in the series of the how to guide on becoming a Million Dollar Expert, and will outline the 15 key skills you need to “SPEAK” well.

They are as follows:

Key Skill

Manage messages

Essential Skills

  • Focus attention
  • Crystalise a point
  • Establish relevance
  • Use high levels of abstraction
  • Inspire to action

Competent Skills

  • Reveal and unravel
  • Memorable phrasing
  • State management
  • Advanced premise management
  • Interpret and direct

Masterful Skills

  • High personal evolution
  • Minimal preparation time
  • Quotable sound bytes
  • High use open loop metaphors
  • Implied content depth

Remember, ‘speaking’ is just one of the six key modalities in the Thought Leaders Million Dollar Expert model.

Take these 5 actions now

  • Discover your angle
  • Write a presentation
  • Write a 100 word summary of the presentation
  • Outline 2-5 key topic benefits as bullet points
  • Create a 150 word bio for why you are the person for the topic

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