Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy to talk about it

Work with people you like - talking about things you enjoy.

I learned this the hard way when I wrote my first book. In a way, that first book was a summary of the career I had just had. By the time it was published I was kind of moving on from the topic. With hindsight, that’s not the smartest move.

Consider this…

Any positioning work you are doing right now should be centred around what you want, not what you have already received.

Will you be happy to discuss your book for the next 2-3 years or are you kind of over it?

You have to like who you’re with and what you are doing with them.


  1. Hey, who told you you could read my thoughts :-)

    Just this morning I was thinking about the type of book I will aim for.

    You know with 200 pages of text in hand I am thinking. Nah. That's not quite it. It has 5 different books in it, but I know which one is priority #1.

    I don't want to write just another biz book. I want to write a beautiful book.

    One that I am really excited about as it supports the Hunome venture [the 'entre' side of my endeavours].

    Talk more at our first mentoring session.



  2. On reflection, this piece of the positioning piece never really resonated. Got me thinking.

    I'll meet him one day,
    Fame will rub off,
    Riches will leak my way,

    I live in endless places,
    Think and it will come,
    My endless future,
    But which future do I want?

    The past gave me lessons
    I remember the emotions
    But I remember them today, not yesterday.

    Happiness is now
    Emotions are now
    I am now
    I was yesterday
    I will never be tomorrow

    You can sell the future,
    You can analyse the past,
    But customers don't buy tomorrow,
    They buy what you sell today.