Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How to like more people than what you do

It’s hard in a group setting to like everyone you work with. I’m not sure you should even try. What I do know, is that the people that I have the most __charge__ with (the ones who seriously push my buttons) are the ones I have the most to learn from.

Here’s a thought!

Rather than running away from them, try exploring why you are so disturbed about them. What in their behaviour has you so riled?

Once you have identified that, you can start to explore why.

More often than not, you either have a version of that same behaviour or its opposite, playing out in your world. The fact that their behaviour bothers you suggests you care in some way.

At least with this perspective, dealing with difficult people is a personal development opportunity rather than a block at work.

1 comment:

  1. The truth is every human has every trait, its just in a different form. the thing we dislike in them we perceive as a negative trait so don't want to own it as we label it "bad". the very reason it charges you is the feedback system of the universe trying to get you to evolve by becoming whole, meaning you acknowledge you to have that trait and it's not just negative, it also serves. its definitely a personal development opportunity and if you ask yourself where you do the same thing, maybe in a different form and then ask how does it serve me that they express that trait to me you will see it for what it is....an opportunity to grow. The truth is its trying to teach you something and get you to become whole. Every human has every trait and every trait has a so called positive and negative side to them. Some call it the reflection principle, what you see around you is actually you, take the time to integrate and empower yourself not judge, disassociate and disempower yourself.