Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Book Covers, Billboards and Movie Trailers

Billboard thinking versus manuscript selling...

How would you describe your idea if it had to be put on a billboard or book cover?

What would you say?

And maybe more importantly, what would you not say?

How would you let me know just enough to be interested but not so much that I am confused?

This kind of thinking forces you to assess ‘What's in it for them?'

Every great idea needs to be positioned first, explained second. Position it in my world by explaining 'How it makes a difference to me. How does it make something better, faster or cheaper (or maybe all three)?'

If you are having trouble selling your ideas it's because you might be saying too much. You might be serving not selling. Don't give me a manuscript when you explain your big idea, give me the front and back cover. If that doesn't get me then more information is not going to make a difference. It's the same with movie's… the trailer makes me go, the movie is what I buy.

First I get into it - then I get it!

Matt Church

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