Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts are those people in your business with knowledge about how to do things better. They have something to offer an industry or a sector. They make a difference on your projects as what they know has a direct impact on how others do things in your business. They are your Thought Leaders.

They are innovators and original thinkers!

Often they don't realise that they are and even if they do, they don't always have the skills to communicate those ideas in a way that others get them.

In a recent study by Rainmaker, the online platform for sales and marketing professionals, they placed speaking at conferences and tradeshows and producing white papers as some of the best ways of selling any product or service. The thinking is that people trust people and that expertise and authority are true business currencies.

How are you developing your expertise or nurturing the talent in your organisation to stand up and be regarded as Thought Leaders?

Matt Church

1 comment:

  1. Right on, Matt.
    One way subject matter experts can help themselves be regarded as Thought Leaders is to publish their video presentations on the web.
    YouTube is a good first step.

    But keyword tags alone can’t really do justice to powerful content.
    Another option is to overlay a clickable table of contents onto YouTube videos. (Shameless plug, but bear with me)……
    For example, you can navigate Seth Godin’s TED Talk this way.

    In Firefox or Safari, go to www.tagmotion.com
    Username and password: sethgodin
    1. Choose a tag from the tag tree (ie the clickable table of contents) you see on the on the LHS.
    2. Then hit the ‘Search’ button above.
    3. Your search results appear on the RHS. Click one to view the relevant segment.

    Soon you’ll be able to embed ‘tag trees’ like this in your own website.
    Tagmotion’s in Beta release currently.
    Any Thought Leaders who’d like to create a clickable table of contents (to describe their own or any YouTube videos in their own language) can get their own free Beta account. Email me at tagmotionbeta-at-gmail dot com.
    I'd love to get your feedback.