Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time to map out 2010

A simple exercise, yet possibly a few months late. Start thinking about 2010. What kind of year and months do you have planned? Now is the time to create an intention and context for 2010.

My Intention: My intention is to Inspire
My Context: My dual context for 2010 is execution with consistency
My Strategy: My strategy for 2010 is to execute through partnerships and completing things
My Growth: Is to attend 3-4 key programs next year that will lift my thinking and re-engage with some of my favourite and most productive mentors.
My Revenue: Same targets as 2009 but with a more stable core
My Deletes: I plan to take out ???
My Family: You get the idea

Then, we will be breaking down each month with a set of activities and key performance indicators. Even the personal stuff! Keep it simple. It's about putting a clear intention out into the world.

Start thinking now about the 2010 you want to experience.


Matt Church

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