Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two ends of the continuum

There is a continuum that exists… On the one side we have the small game, and on the other, we have the big kahuna. These two are really important if you want to build your practice.

Let's look at the first: the small game.

Find a specific target market of people you enjoy spending time with. For example, lets say real estate principals. Figure out a service you can offer them in a coaching mode. If the service could be linked to making money in some way it would be perfect. Build a 3 session coaching package as a starter pack and then a recurring monthly chargeable service.

At the other end, become known as the ‘go to person' in a field, the rockstar of a certain message. Become the internationally acclaimed author on a said topic and a highly paid professional speaker.

Now, there are lots of steps in between, but in this continuum you get the feeling of how to go about building your 6 figure income practice as an infopreneurial Thought Leader.


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