Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't ask turkeys to judge an eagle!

Ok, if you have read past blogs of mine you know I am not a big fan of constructive criticism or 360 degree feedback.

Furthermore I don't think you should run your best ideas past a committee! That can often include co-workers, family members or people on the street.

If you have a great person or a great idea, it sometimes needs to be insulated from the crowd think.

It needs to be held at arms length from the well-meaning good advice of people whose major claim to fame is that they have an opinion.

Solicit an opinion only from those whose opinion you respect.

Don't ever let turkeys judge eagles. It will get messy.



  1. Thanks for raising this M@ and I believe it works for both the good ideas and those that are firmly in the domain of turkeys!

    The number of people who've told me 'everyone they've spoken' to thinks their idea is great and gone on to find no buyers for it is in the scores. I feel that the main problem lies in the fact that 'everyone' consists of their mum, ailing uncle, hairdresser and a bloke on their surf patrol.

    To keep it real and keep the dream alive I'm with you - ask the wise few (not the well meaning many), work on it and then ask for the money!



  2. Great thought Matt. I have seen mine and other peoples ideas crushed by 'well meaning people' and I'm noticing the more you experience success the more you must really choose to whom you listen to and allow to impact you thoughts. Keep the golden nuggets coming.
    Colin Boyd

  3. Can you please point me at the "past blogs" that cover this position...did a quick search but didn't really come up with anything specific..

  4. Agree completely.
    You always have to back yourself - if it fails or doesn't work, then so what? That's how you learn - from your mistakes, not from someone elses opinion.
    Too often we want to believe that others have greater insight than we do ourselves, but that's just not true.
    How would the world be today if Copernicus, Galileo, Einstein, Edison... heck, Jesus, and all the rest of the greats, listened to those around them? How will we be if we do the same? Besides, a blind leap of faith in oneself is far more fun!

  5. Important point Matt! Something is going on here. Heavy use of consultation and collaboration is apparent in my organisation. Many decisions appear to be democratised in one form or another: use of surveys, voting and reliance on special projects teams populated by people who express thoughts/interest, and less obvious but very pernicious is the trading in these 'voices of the people' that that goes on in snr mgnt forum.

    Can't help wondering what the impacts of this really are eg., delegation of leadership; collapsing accountability structures; empowering of the alpha/extrovert/verbal personality types within orgs.

    keen to hear more thoughts