Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Transition Lag

A friend of mine recently commented that it took me quite a bit of time to transition from one state to another. He was suggesting that when I was in public event mode and personal friend mode there was a lag or time period wherein I did not switch well from one role to another.

It got me thinking about the idea of roles and transitions...

  • Maybe there is no lag as I am simply being me in each phase and it's simply others perception of me that is out of phase.
  • Maybe there is a lag and that's OK. Maybe others need to be mindful that people do need to shift gears.
  • Maybe there is a lag and I can do something to shorten the gap?

What do you think?

As you approach the holiday period, think about the roles you play and whether you need to be mindful of the transition. Stephen Covey wrote about the 78 major roles in your life in his book, First Things First. He suggested that clarity around who you are being in each dimension of your life allowed you to choose how to spend your time, energy and attention.

a) List out your key roles.
b) Identify if you have major phases to your day and if there is any transition lag between those that intersect.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flights of Fantasy

I grew up reading fantasy epic books - love them!

In these stories the hero leaves no man or woman behind, saves damsels in distress and is basically loved for their personal sacrifice...

Recently I have learned, when you have a mission:

  • You can't take everyone with you...trying to will only cause you and them heartache. Sometimes the mission must go on and people who were with you at the start may not finish the journey with you.
  • People don't need saving by you (or me) and to be a rescuer is actually quite 'icky'.
  • You don't have to go through personal hurt to achieve amazing things. Take care of you and yours and do good for people and the planet. The two ideas are not mutually exclusive.
This is my last blog post before Christmas. You can track my thoughts on twitter and for the southern hemisphere Summer, I will be posting many thoughts to our new online television channel Thought Leaders Studio.

If you believe you are a Thought Leader, then join our social network at Thought Leaders Central. Charlie 'tremendous' Jones said, the key difference between who you are today and who you will be tomorrow are the books you read and the people you meet. If Charlie is right, and I think he is, you need to keep learning and meet the right people. I have set up the Thought Leaders Network to provide both of these elements. The mentors on Thought Leaders Central and Thought Leaders Studio provide inspiration and advice for great thinkers.

I am starting an additional newsletter in 2010 to supplement my personal one (what you are reading right now). The plan is to produce it monthly as a downloadable newspaper/magazine format. I will be asking my mates (the Thought Leaders Mentors) to contribute articles that inspire thinking and facilitate conversations that rock the planet. It is an opt in newsletter, so subscribe here if you would like to receive a copy each month.

Thanks for a great year.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On Laziness

My dad is an engineer. Engineers define themselves as lazy in that they are all about leverage...they don't see the point in doing something twice. Build a bridge well and it never needs to be rebuilt is the goal.

A friend of mine Grant Lewers, a successful entrepreneur, says 'no' more often than yes. His favourite saying is, ‘STINKS OF EFFORT'...that's how he comes up with innovative and creative solutions. He looks for ways to take the effort out of things.

From another angle, in ‘Eat Pray Love', author Elisabeth Gilbert discusses the Italian 'art of doing nothing'. My friends who are thought leaders on creativity would tell you this is the key to innovation.

I may just be enabling bad habits with this re-frame...but I can't help myself.

Maybe next time you find yourself avoiding work, you are simply exploring leverage opportunities.

On the other hand, you might be slack and need a kick in the pants!

I am off to do nothing and try not to try too hard.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wells of inspiration

We are two days away from the big annual Thought Leaders Conference here in Sydney.

I am excited...because 'who inspires the inspirers?' The answer is not an easy one.

When you are in the business of being the one who inspires and leads, you have to actively develop 'Wells'.

A 'Well' is a person, place or activity that fills you up.

So who, what and where are your Wells?

Some of mine include:

* Time with family does it for me.

* Hanging with other Thought Leaders is a primary well.

* Once a year I gather with a group of my friends in Queenstown, NZ to check in on the year and check out one of the most amazing places on the planet. (I am just back from that - awesome!)

I have many more...

I am also aware of the 'Draws'. These are the things, people and places that take away from my reserves.

Be clear about the people, places and activities that fill you up and those that do the opposite.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Care factor 'zero'

There is an old Dale Carnegie saying: It goes - 'people don't care how much you know, 'til they know how much you care'.

Thought Leaders are knowledgeable people, often very objective and analytical around an issue that a business or person may be facing. I try to remember the importance of care factor. Without it, all your smarts, all your IP is completely useless.

My friend and Thought Leader Darren Hill, would tell you it's simply increasing your Humanity.

My dear friend Pete Sheahan, would tell me it's simply being Old School.

My customer experience mate Iven Frangi, would tell you that it's Good Business.

My technology and futurist friend Craig Rispin, would tell you it's being High Touch in a High Tech world.

However you look at it, show you care.

That's why so many profiteering businesses are getting all "do good" with corporate social responsibility and I think it's a great thing. Some may be faking it, but the power of kindness means that before long they'll be making it.

Matt Church