Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Your lifes purpose in 103 minutes

103 minutes is the typical length of a Hollywood movie. I have recently been working on a new process that helps people find their purpose, their angle and their edge in business and in life. It's not the complete process but is useful however you apply it.

In short, let's imagine your life was a movie…

What's the title?

What's it about?

What type of movie is it? (Instead of comedy or thriller, Thought Leaders can write lifestyle, leadership, customer service etc)

Who's it for? (target audience)

What's the twist? (special sauce)

Make up a new movie. You don't have to draw from existing faves.

When we did this in a workshop, together with three or four other great positioning tools, there were many epiphanies around new ideas from old experiences.

Pitch as if there was a Hollywood studio executive (hard nosed and sceptical) listening and see how you go selling them on your life as a movie.

All the world's a movie and we are simply Brangelinas!


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