Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You are smarter, faster, stronger & better than you think

A friend of mine recently shared a story about a moment when he was a child and was feeling very proud of himself. He ran out of an exam to share with his mother how great he felt about the work he'd just done. His mother quickly told him to tone it down and explained that it is wrong to think so well of yourself.

Can you remember a similar situation where you had thought you'd done a great job, only to have your sails trimmed by someone you looked to for affirmation?

Whatever your story is, it's probably continuing today and needs to stop. You can't doubt your talent. You are magnificent, remarkable and need to return to loving who you are and what you do.

Sure, sometimes you will behave less brilliantly than you like - but your perception of yourself shouldn't reflect these times, but how great you actually are.


1. Discover your uniqueness and work in it
2. Become less reliant on the good opinion of others
3. Get clearer about what your purpose is, and remind yourself of this often

You are amazing! Believe it and be it.



  1. Love the point about reminding yourself often. I might tattoo it on my hand so I don't forget.

  2. I love that you used the word "purpose" rather than goal. As usual, you're spot on the money.

  3. Hi Matt, I needed this message today. Thanks!