Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

A million dollar expert is an infopreneur who has successfully commercialised their Thought leadership and is running a practice that is turning over a million dollars or more a year with one or two support staff. Most people think this is impossible… “Make a seven figure income selling my expertise, are you serious?”

The Million Dollar Expert Program is a systematic methodology to grow a practice to a million dollars based on diversifying modes of delivery and taking the appropriate steps at each revenue level, as further explained in the Sell Your Thoughts e-book.

Infopreneurs become recognised as Thought Leaders when they clearly define a unique perspective or offering to the market based around the subject they are an expert in. When they have built on the thinking in their domain, added to the knowledge in their area and challenged and extended the status quo.

Most infopreneurs make the mistake of picking one mode to deliver their expertise through, and sticking to that. Speaker’s make money through speaking. Trainers make money from training. Coaches coach. And so on. Infopreneurs need to stabilize their cash flow and grow revenue more quickly by diversifying how they deliver the information they provide. It is much easier to get $100,000 per year from six modes than to get $600,000 per year from one.

The Million Dollar Expert Income Ladder shows the natural stages of progression that need to be taken to grow a six figure practice. The Million Dollar Expert Program guides you through the stages of this model in order to build up the momentum experience confidence and expertise to know how to continue your progress on through Blue, Red and up to Black belt.

Diversify your delivery and you will be surprised at how much quicker it will be to become the million dollar expert.

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