Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Start before you need to

You have to plan now for a great first quarter 2011.

I am inviting graduates of my Million Dollar Expert Core Program to come and plan the best 2011 they can. I have put aside a strategy day to think about how I want 2011 to look and graduates may register and join me.

Register for 2011 planning day here.

Here are some questions for those who are planning for next year and not able to join in on the planning day:

What worked in 2010 that you want more of?

What worked but you did not enjoy?

What didn’t work that you wish had?

How can you adjust that to see if it is worth trying for again in a different way?

What new business are you creating?

How can you help existing great clients more?

What was a friction point about how you did business in 2010 that if you could remove would make the path smoother in 2011?

What money targets are you chasing in 2011?

What will stop you achieving those?

What 'meaning' targets do you have in 2011?

Are they congruent with your values?

Are they useful to your objectives?

What 10 day, 100 day and 1000 day plans do you have in place?

Now, it's all well and good to ask the questions (good diagnosis) but equally important is understanding your answers, and making the most of that in action (good prescription). Make sure you have an objective person who you can bounce the answers off and work together on creating workable chunked down plans of action.

Start planning!


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