Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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There are three key roles infopreneurs need to develop within their Million Dollar Expert practice.

Make Up, Set Up and Clean Up; The role of the Thought Leader who makes up things, the role of the Business Manager who sets up things and the role of the assistant who cleans up things.

Depending on where you sit on the white to black belt ladder wil determine what roles you prioritise.

  • Make Up - The role of the thought leader is to create the IP, the services, the products and set the targets (eg. Number of working days and the income to process) and of course Delivery.
  • Set Up - The role of the business manager is to ensure the thought leaders days are filled with dollar productive activity, to ensure the targets are met, the project and event timelines are on track, client account management, and most importantly, sales.
  • Clean Up - Assistance for the business manager with general running of practice. eg. Confirming appointments, arranging travel, assisting with projects/ events, sending communications, meet and greet, stationary orders, product fulfillment etc...

We suggest that in order of sequence, consider putting on a business manager (set up) at Green Belt (see image). Once you reach Red Belt, consider putting on an assistant (clean up).

The world needs your thought leadership, but you need to make a living. The million dollar expert program helps you to do both.


Matt Church

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