Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Creating a fan base

People matter and they are busy. You must begin today, growing a list of people to whom you regularly share your Thought Leadership and with those who give a damn about it.

Firstly, you need 150 people you communicate to regularly. You then need to grow that list to 1500 and then to 15,000. Be careful though, simply growing the list volume is not the key. It's about people who know you and care about what you say. Internet marketers with 150,000 strangers they send unsolicited email to is not the goal. They can make money off that list but that is not Thought Leadership.
The two simple ways to get people on your list:
  1. People swap their contact details for a high value learning gift (eg. They download an eBook from your site).
  2. People give you their contact details after listening to you speak live, via webinar or through some video cast (eg. You tube).
When you grow your list from these genuine touch points your list is educated, engaged and likely to come to your invitations and do something with an open mind.
Four keys to growing your list:
  1. Keep creating fans. You don't own subscribers and people always move in and out of your world. Always grow your list.
  2. Seed value all the time. Send out high quality communications with rich, usable content.
  3. Be consistent. Always plug something (always give value first).
  4. Stay on message. Don't communicate whimsically about your Uncle Luigi's gout because it's on your mind. Stay on message.
And a bonus thought...
Some people will resent you sending them gifts. They will then instead of quietly unsubscribing and going quietly into the night, kick you and the cat on the way through. This can hurt sensitive types (like me)... Just remember - some will, some wont, NEXT!
Most of all, have fun honoring the relationship. I can remember a time 10 years ago when we all dreamed about and wished you could make a living thinking, writing and sharing what you know. Now you can.


  1. Very inspiring and simple Matt. I've heard this before but today you got me thinking about my business community in that: Who fits in terms of my thought leadership. I reckon too this one got to me because you shared directly about yourself which gives me a massive tip. Thanks dude! AnnieD

  2. Thank you Matt for providing excellent value with this clear message. You are spot on. I even wish those internet marketers would just understand a fraction of what you are saying. They always promise value and almost always their messages deliver nothing and what they deliver leads to more useless stuff from more internet marketers...
    For my monthly e-news and articles I always focus on how I can help my subscribers without expecting anything in return. And the list just seems to be growing by itself.
    Christine Maingard, Author of "Think Less, Be More" - for info see http://thinklessbemore.com