Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The art of 'Hustling'

How good are you at talking yourself up?

Many of the most successful people I work with take the opportunity to inform me and anyone else they meet of the cool things they have been doing lately or that they have coming up, they hustle all the time. I watch this with a wry smile...

They don't ever miss the opportunity to share how awesome their X or Y is and in most cases they ensure you know that as a result of X and Y your world could benefit from a little bit of them and theirs.

When you get face time with a boss, a mentor or someone who is influential, do you need to give them a success update?

Well the answer is not a simple yes or no.

I do believe you need to take time to create news worthy conversations (Especially when Brand YOU is what you are selling) have to get the balance right. When the only conversation I have with you is about you it gets tiresome very quickly.

Here are some thoughts...
  • Develop the habit of stating “I have been blessed to ...” or some other non secular version that achieves the same affect.
  • Reduce the use of “I” and start to develop a royal “We”.
  • Take the “We" a step further and give as much glory as you can to other people while presenting your success. If only you were involved in the actual success, thank your mother.
  • Mix your technology when hustling. Twitter, Facebook and Text updates might serve the hustle better than face to face and maybe the opposite is true.
  • Always make sure the person you are telling the success to feels some relationship to the tid bit you are sharing. ‘John, the most amazing thing happened yesterday and I feel like you made it happen for me...(share success) thank you for all your (whatever)’.
Sure, you need to hustle and you need humility, get the mix right!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New years eve every quarter

With six months to go in this calendar year, have you started your new year planning?

One of the things MDE (Million Dollar Expert) practitioners do well is plan their rolling 12 months. As every quarter rolls out they focus on what they will make happen over the next few months.

Ask yourself:

  • What worked last quarter that I want more of?
  • What did not work that I want to stop?
  • What can be changed to make it more effective?

It’s like a non-stop continuous improvement program.

Focus on leap-frogging through the white to black belt journey, one profitable project at a time.

P.S. Matt has worked with one of the great Thought Leaders Mentors, Peter Cook, to upgrade the Sell Your Thoughts white paper to version 2.0.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quotes can set your thinking free

If you are trying to unpack your Intellectual Property you can use quotes to start your thinking. The book 'First Things First' by Dr Stephen Covey is built from a quote. Now, I don't know Dr Covey but I reckon the Goethe quote came before the book.

The quote goes...
Seldom should we let the urgent take the place of the important but oftentimes we do. Goethe, 17th Century German Philosopher

He (Dr Covey) then went on to build the now famous 'First Things First' priority management system.

Here is how you do it:
Identify a contextual word that encompasses some of your thinking. A work like leverage or success or leadership.
Go to Google and type in 'quotes on...' (your contextual word). eg. quotes on leverage
Start to create points (A,B) distinctions from these quotes.
Then, build out the rest of your Pink Sheet or IP Snapshots from these distinctions.

You can discover the full 'pink sheet' process in my latest book, Thought Leaders, or by attending the MDE Program.

Unblock your thinking by being stimulated through quotes.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Profitable Projects Strategy

Infopreneurial thought leaders run a practice, not a business. I know it seems to be only semantics, as the tax office or IRS consider you a business no matter what, but it makes a world of difference to how you do what you do.

We teach infopreneurial thought leaders to focus on profitable projects over plain business strategy. Rather than a big idea or strategy, simply implement a revenue generating project instead. Some work, some don't, the great thing though is that if a project fails, you can learn from it and move on. The sunk costs are typically only your time and some emotion.

In the Million Dollar Expert Program we unpack 12 fabulous profitable projects built around the six primary delivery modes for infopreneurs. It's really awesome.

Focus on revenue generating 90-day projects.