Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Profitable Projects Strategy

Infopreneurial thought leaders run a practice, not a business. I know it seems to be only semantics, as the tax office or IRS consider you a business no matter what, but it makes a world of difference to how you do what you do.

We teach infopreneurial thought leaders to focus on profitable projects over plain business strategy. Rather than a big idea or strategy, simply implement a revenue generating project instead. Some work, some don't, the great thing though is that if a project fails, you can learn from it and move on. The sunk costs are typically only your time and some emotion.

In the Million Dollar Expert Program we unpack 12 fabulous profitable projects built around the six primary delivery modes for infopreneurs. It's really awesome.

Focus on revenue generating 90-day projects.

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  1. Just attended Matt's Mentoring Morning [today] and part of the discussion was around the practice/business differentation. Matt also demonstrated speaking/mentoring skills in a really memorable easily retained manner - thanks Matt - Awesome