Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quotes can set your thinking free

If you are trying to unpack your Intellectual Property you can use quotes to start your thinking. The book 'First Things First' by Dr Stephen Covey is built from a quote. Now, I don't know Dr Covey but I reckon the Goethe quote came before the book.

The quote goes...
Seldom should we let the urgent take the place of the important but oftentimes we do. Goethe, 17th Century German Philosopher

He (Dr Covey) then went on to build the now famous 'First Things First' priority management system.

Here is how you do it:
Identify a contextual word that encompasses some of your thinking. A work like leverage or success or leadership.
Go to Google and type in 'quotes on...' (your contextual word). eg. quotes on leverage
Start to create points (A,B) distinctions from these quotes.
Then, build out the rest of your Pink Sheet or IP Snapshots from these distinctions.

You can discover the full 'pink sheet' process in my latest book, Thought Leaders, or by attending the MDE Program.

Unblock your thinking by being stimulated through quotes.


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  1. Great idea, Matt! I also like Sam Horn's excellent book "POP!", which has many such creative ideas (in addition to quotations, she also talks about looking for cliches, movie titles, etc.). It's aimed at creating slogans and catchy book titles, but it's also useful for things like points / distinctions.