Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An idea that might help you...

Why speaking drives your business?

There is something honest and true about someone (you) standing up and telling us who you are, what you do and why we should care! It's a powerful way to market; in the marketing professional space they are calling it Thought Leadership Marketing. Nice huh?

  • So, what you need is to figure out how to talk about what you do in a way that’s exciting.
  • Deliver it in a way that’s dynamic.
  • Link what you know to what they need.
For me it's all about being positioned as the trusted authority and thought leader in your field. It's about moving from knowing something to being known for something.

And I reckon it's a super leveraged way to grow your business.

Take insurance for example, it's a hard topic to talk about, right? Well if you make it about business readiness to a room full of budding entrepreneurs who have a checklist from business school that asks ‘do you have insurance?’ and a spot in their business plan for, you guessed it ‘insurance’, it's an easy conversation to have. They don’t care about fire and general though, so talk about ‘provision’, or share stories of clients of yours that you have learnt from and they will think you rock. At the end of the speech put up a logo that says ‘For all your insurance needs call me...” and you are done, the leads will flow in.

Get out there and start speaking to drive your business.

P.S. Oh, by the way, if you want help doing this,come to my workshop on Friday 18 November and I’ll show you how. (See how it works? First give value, then make invitation)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Signal versus Noise

I tend to shut down if people talk too much at me. I am sure it's a form of audio processing overload. In short, I don’t listen very well. Ironic when you consider what I do for a living!

Because of this low tolerance for unnecessary chatter, I have to listen very hard for what is the signal and separate it from the noise. It's like the difference between efficient and effective. An efficient person captures everything in a meeting and effective person captures the things that matter. You can listen to the noise or you can listen to the signal.

Signal is where the productivity and communication boost kick in. Leaders have to be deaf to the noise and tuned into the signal.
  • Noise is when a team member is asking for help on a certain task. Signal is that they want to be paid more.
  • Noise is most of the comments on twitter or facebook. Signal is following an intelligent micro blogger who references interesting stuff in their tweets.
  • Noise is complaining that you get 100 emails a day. Signal is focussing on the 20 that require a response and deleting, delegating or deferring the rest.
Noise is often the words...signal is often the better unsaid message in the words.

Eliminate the noise and track the signal.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Plug in your audience

I love images in presentations. I love the Keynote (Apple's PowerPoint) software. I love high quality, carefully selected, conceptual images, as a picture really does paint a thousand words.

AND...try presenting without any!

In a high-tech world, a low-tech approach could make a huge difference!

Try this next time you present, pitch or attempt to engage a group...

  1. Put up one big slide with either a montage of images or a series of statements, graffiti style on the screen. Don't look at it, don't refer to it just let it be a backdrop to your fabulous presentation.
  2. Draw a diagram with your body. If you have an XY graph or a 4-box quadrant model, animate it with your physicality as you move across the stage.
  3. Tell more stories.
Unplug your technology to plug in your audience. You might be surprised with the results!