Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why academics don't sell!

Why do so many people dislike the sales process? The number of switched on people I meet who actively don't sell is staggering!

I believe it's an issue of identity...

The obvious elements that contribute to the anti-selling phenomena...

  • Bad past experience
  • Cultural bias
  • The elitism of the academic world
It's all about language, meaning and service.

To serve is to solve problems.

You don't have to technically 'sell' anymore.

You do have to invite people to buy.

So, focus on doing great work, building a reputation and be sure to let people know how they can get more of you, your business or your cause.

Get out actively and have conversations with people who you can help and who may need what you have. But always let them know what they can buy, how they can buy it and why they should buy it from you.



  1. Whole heartedly agree Matt.

    I have also found that many academics and "technicians" are too uncomfortable with a "no" and, although they posses a high level of expertise, they are not effective at controlling the sales process.

    The purpose of a "sales" conversation should be to determine whether or not there is a mutual fit or to define a mutually agreed and mutually beneficial next step to determine the former.

  2. Being an "academic" I think I often critise the poor efforts of "sales" people to manipulate ME!
    I hate the thought I might look like them!!

    Almost every other professional I work with is a very colleageal relationship and the sales process is absolutely forgein to me, the world of marketing is new ground for me!!

    The distinction that I am building a "Practice" provides a very different framing which I can work with very comfortably. . . thanks for the rethink, I still have a lot to learn!! But this process is very comfortable with me!!