Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Work with people you like!

I’d like to propose an anti-opportunity idea. Rather than focussing on people who have a need, why not first focus on people you want to hang around. This seems obvious and quite a simple idea – but it is rarely considered.

We tend to focus on who has a need and then start figuring out how to sell to them. My problem with this, is you might end up talking to a target market you think you should work with, rather than one that lights you up.

If you want to be truly remarkable, you need to take every advantage you can.

One effortless competitive advantage is to have a true and sincere desire to be with your target market. I love experts, entrepreneurs and innovators – and so Thought Leaders Global was born. Every day I get to spend time with people I like, talking about things I like. It doesn’t get any better than that.

So, who do you want to be around? Then focus on what they need, that only you can provide.

Happy matching!



  1. Love it, Matt. This lesson was mine to learn this morning when I attended a networking group of small business owners and realised that they'd be pretty cool to work with. Thus far I've been targeting managers and leaders working in the corporate environment. They're cool too, but business owners have such a big why that makes them a pleasure to serve!

  2. Brilliant timing Matt. It is so much about playing your natural game, then the pitch, delivery and results are effortless.
    When I go down the 'people need stuff' road, not much happens. When I share what I care about, wonderful conversations lead to great opportunities.