Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Are you reading books or giving speeches?

When giving a presentation, you should not read your speech to your audience.

Only those whose words get scrutinised, translated or pulled apart should read their speech; even then it is a communication compromise. We can read your speech online or in an abstract.

If the speech is for those in the room (as opposed to some audience outside of the environment) then you are better off talking from knowledge and adjusting the content to suit the audience dynamics.

Some tips:

1. Write your first draft in long hand form then chunk it down into changeable segments.

2. Learn the 5 segments of your speech, not the words.

3. Summarise the whole speech into one sheet of paper.

4. Memorise your key points, but not necessarily their order of delivery.

5. Create a visual that summarises your whole speech, and if you get lost, refer back to it.

Reading is a solo activity for adults.


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