Tuesday, May 1, 2012

White Paper: Speak Out

www.mattchurch.com/detailsforspeakoutThis month's White Paper is Speak Out in Public; How to be a dynamic, confident and engaging public speaker.

Public speaking is easy! We make it hard by getting nervous, rehearsing the passion out of our message and relying heavily on our notes. This complimentary white paper will help you to be relaxed and at ease in front of people.
The art of oration is about knowing techniques, reading your environment and being so clear on your message that you are able to focus on the method of your communication. Many people get stuck in the stuff they are saying and miss the key to connection which is the way they say what they say.Read this white paper for twenty-one tips that help you to be a better public speaker and create more engaging presentations.
Download your complimentary copy today. We only ask that you please complete a few brief questions prior to downloading.


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