Tuesday, June 26, 2012

White Paper

www.mattchurch.com/salesevolutiondetailsThis month's White Paper is A Sales Evolution! The fundamental shift in selling that has occurred and how it has completely changed how you drive business.

The internet has redistributed knowledge power. An expert used to be the person who held the answers but with google, wikipedia and other platforms it's getting easier to become informed about almost anything. This has caused major disruptions for many industries. From education to medicine, from retail to automobiles, a buyer is now able to get informed fast and stay informed on demand. This is driving an evolution in the selling process and it’s one that business needs to be tracking.

From features and benefits, to insights and opinions, Matt Church and Peter Cook have it covered in this White Paper.
Download your complimentary copy of the A Sales Evolution! today. We only ask that you please complete a few brief questions prior to downloading.



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