Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Build advocacy by winning hearts and minds

There’s a popular saying that if you win the hearts and minds of people their feet will follow. Typically, though, it is easier said than done. Not that it is particularly difficult to achieve but, rather, many people do not know or have access to a specific process for doing so.

To build advocacy through winning the hearts and minds of your people (which could mean anything from your staff to your audience at a conference) there are four critical keys that each tap into a desirable outcome.

The four keys are:

  1. Talk it up: which, when established, will bring the idea to life and build the necessary energy to put the idea into action.
  2. Work with others: to encourage people to share the workload and connect to each other and the outcomes the thought leading idea can achieve.
  3. Map the path: to join the dots and demonstrate the connections necessary to deliver the idea.
  4. Build a future: to paint a picture of how this idea can create a compelling future.
The combination of the four elements above allows the thought leader to work effectively with both the hearts and minds of their audiences.
  1. Talking it up inspires the heart of the staff or audience.
  2. Working with others informs the hearts of the staff or audience.
  3. Mapping the path informs the mind of staff or audiences.
  4. Building a future inspires the mind of the staff or audiences.

*Extract from the book Thought Leaders, written by Matt Church, Michael Henderson and Scott Stein.

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