Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Give big answers!

Make your answers broadly interesting...

When faced with questions from the audience it is the presenter's job to make the answer interesting to as many people as possible. You do this by answering the question in an abstract way. Even if the question is of a specific nature, a skilful presenter turns the answer into something broadly appealing. As an expert, you should know these themes and be able to draw a question up to that source theme.

1. A question about my uncle's gout could be answered with discussions about fluid retention and the body's internal drought mechanism.
2. A question about staff morale could be spun into a dissertation about human engagement and principle centred leadership.
3. A question about file management could be re-positioned as a discussion on the evolution of productivity.

Answer little questions with big answers.


1 comment:

  1. Yet another useful tip to lovingly apply - thanks M@.

    I have also heard the suggestion to check-in with the questioner after answering, to check they feel their question has been addressed.

    I like the idea to give value to the many, not just the one. If the questioner feels their question wasn't answered would a useful next response be to suggest they chat with you afterwards?

    Thanks, Matt